Is Money Really Important?


This evening, I’ve just finished reading Ellen DeGeneres’ book titled Seriously…I’m Kidding which has greatly affected many attitudes towards life (in a good way, I mean). I must confess I felt a bit gloomy while reading the last chapter because this reading journey with Ellen was full of joy and positive views encouraging people to live a happy life.

To be honest, it’s impossible to decide on the most favorite chapter, yeah, it really is. Each chapter gets better and better; as a result, once I’ve made up my mind, there would always be another one which completely beats my previous pick.

Let’s just forget it. What I would like to talk about here is ‘Money’ (and of course from the book). Lately, saving money has been distracting me a lot and also making me feel distressed. Trust me, it isn’t my decision at all but I prefer not talking about it. Anyway, the chapter dubbed in How to Become a Billionaire makes me reconsidering about my tough situation, and ensures that I’m not capable doing something that keeps hurting myself anymore.

This chapter is simple, short and sweet. If you are keen to be a billionaire, Ellen suggests that…

“1. Make a lot of money.

2. Don’t spend it.”

God, it’s crystal clear, you see?

I’m so sure what she intends to express through this message, but here’s my silly notion. What the heck will you do with those billion grands if you don’t spend it? Let the bank ‘taking care’ of it, or just keep it in a jar and bury it in your backyard? And I ended up asking myself, “is money really important?”

Nobody doesn’t like money, but the thing is how we manage and spend it. Personally, I prefer happiness and experience rather than a massive amount of money. So, what kind of my happiness and experience would be like? Actually, it’s pretty mainstream these days. My happiness is to travel the world and experience new things. I don’t want to just graduate, get a job, save money, buy a house, end up being a boring old lady and sit there waiting for the death. I want to live my life, see the world, interact with people, do what my heart wants (and most probably get drunk simetimes as well).

Of course, that does require loads of bucks, so go and gain it! What I really want to say is don’t be too obsessed with saving money for future, but spend it wisely. Think about it, living the moment and having fun while you’re able to do it, or working your ass off now and regretting not having any good ol’ day to think of when you’re retired. It’s your choice. You choose and you have to live with it for your entire life.

What about my decision?

I will just say, ‘hey world, show me what you got’.


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